March 31, 2011

Oh baby, it's a wild world!


You know how when you look through your circle of friends, a few of them are simply a little crazier than the others? They aren't all crazy, but there are definitely a few who are out of the box on a consistent basis.

Well... last weekend, two of our crazy friends decided to get married to each other.
We were overcome with happiness!

.....and then they served us the punch line.....

Not only are they getting married... but they're getting marred on Monday.

"What 'Monday'?" I asked.
"This coming Monday...." they replied.

So, long story short, Cory and I are heading to Virginia to be with our beloved friends as they throw together an adorable wedding in a weeks time!

Ohhhh baby, it's a wild world!

Here's to you and to the lovely idea of living spontaneously!


1 comment:

  1. lol - have a fun trip!! :) Mister husband and I totally did this to our family/friends, too - the 'we're getting married next weekend' thing. Only i'm usually the conservative, not-so-crazy friend. lol. We all have our moments of crazy, I guess? Congrats to your friends!