March 31, 2011

National Craft & Crochet Month... signing out...

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for joining us for National Craft & Crochet Month here at Donna's Decembers! It's been so much fun having so many kind, creative, and super crafty people visit the blog!

If you're new to the party, no worries, you can find those inspiration packed posts here. Feel free to bookmark the link for an easy resource! So many DIYs and inspiration sources!

I also want to take moment to say thank you to our wonderful visitors throughout May. If you haven't visited their blogs, shops, and twitter accounts, you must definitely should, and hey, you may even make a new friend!

Happy last day of March!


1 comment:

  1. How did NatCroMo go by so quickly?! Great month here on your blog!