February 26, 2011

The weekend in progress...

Hey you!

It has been a pretty busy few days over here as I have been wrapping up grades for my students this marking period and have been preparing for the Indie Artist Celebration and the Streetwise Partners fundraiser (info in the side bar-->).

Needless to say, there has been A LOT of crocheting going on. If you follow us on Twitter, you know that, for sure! Here's a little look at the weekend so far, via cell phone photos!

Yesterday, Cory and I did not carpool to work (we usually do at least 4 out of 5 work days), so I could head to PA to go to Hobby Lobby for a few odds and ends. I'm fortunate that the school I teach at is right in the middle of home and Hobby Lobby, so it's a quick "after work" trip.

I headed out of town right after the school day ended, found a newly opened Sonic upon the drive, treated myself to an unhealthy fastfood dinner, and made my way to the meca that is Hobby Lobby!

I spent most of the evening stitching up the final details on products (sewing in labels, attaching metal affixes, etc.)

Today, I spent the day in a gorgeous antique shop in Frederick, Maryland. I had a great day networking and drooling all over the local, handmade, handspun yarns. This is what my nook looked like (just an fyi: I really kicked myself for leaving my dSLR at home. I really need to start dragging it with me EVERYWHERE I go, but first, I need to buy a sleeve for it so it can be protected in my purse. Alas, all my Driod photos have a weird blue tint. You'll get the idea, though.)

Tonight, after the Indie show, Cory and I ate at our favorite organic spot, the Orchird, but mid-meal we both felt really conjested and sorta sick. So we're home taking it easy tonight by watching season 5 of Will & Grace and being couch potatoes!

Tomorrow, I am driving to Baltimore to get my mother from the airport and then we are going to a charity event called the Potter's Bowl where we will munch on delicious soups in beautiful handcrafted bowls!

It has been a productive weekend, to say the least ;)


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