February 21, 2011

Presidents Day weekend... 75 degrees with a chance of snow?!

It has been a low-key weekend in my world. Friday night, after a really stressful work week, I met up with a few colleagues from a different school at a local dive bar and enjoyed a brief happy hour. It was the perfect way to unwind after such a crazy week. Plus, it was 75 degrees outside so we just wanted an excuse to sit outside on a patio somewhere! On our way home, Cory and I decided that we were in no hurry to be home for the night, so we fed the cats and headed back out to run some quick errands (craft store for me, shoe store for him). We realized it was nearing 8 pm and we hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we started to pay attention to our surroundings as we were driving through town. We stumbled upon a little strip mall we had never paid much attention to and noticed there was a Greek restaurant, Greek Aroma! GREEK FOOD! Of course, we stopped and enjoyed amazingly delicious food. I had the Chicken Souvlaki sandwich and Cory had the Gryo. Ah-mazing! In fact, 2 days later, I was tempted to go back and have it again for lunch! This what I had...YUM!

Greek Aroma
(photo from their website)

Saturday morning I decided I need to get a lot of crocheting accomplished so I refined a pattern I had for fingerless gloves. I wanted to make a spring-friendly driving glove in brighter colors, so I worked on that for most of the morning (photos soon), until Cory decided that I was going with him down to Arlington for the afternoon to visit our friend who is home from Afghanistan. Our friend was a Major in the Army for years, but recently ended his last contract and signed with a defense contractor for the gov't. He's still flying planes and doing the exact same job,  but isn't away from home for as long. He's essentially over there for 3 months or so, comes home and has 2 months off. We hadn't seen him since he left in the fall, so we wanted to hangout and catch up.  It was actually really nice to get out of town for a bit, hangout with some like-minded people, eat some good bbq, and relax. The boys didn't even mind if I crocheted the entire time! Hooray!

Yesterday was a lot of bone-deep relaxation. Lots of quiet time, errands, crocheting. All was well. Cory and I even made a late-night run to Target to get snacks for the evening and I bought a new purse and coat, woo! (Since we only have 1 television in our house, and it is downtsairs, we have this thing where we will drag the mattress downstairs and sleep infront of the tv. It only happens every few months, but it is so fun! It's sort of like building an adult fort!)

Today, it is significantly colder, the sky is overcast and white, which tells me we're going to be getting some snow. It's crazy! 75 degrees one day, 2 days later: snow! What?!

I plan on staying indoors today (seeing as how I left my winter coat at school, because I was blinded by the beautiful weather outdoors on Friday). Flip hasn't really left me alone, so I will certainly have a cat near by. Plus, I realized all 9 seasons of Scrubs is available on Netflix streaming! YES!

While I thought we were on the brink of this....


It looks like we're really going to be doing this...


Keep warm!


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  1. Fingerless gloves sound like a good project (although I guess my urban nature shines through because I always seem to call them touchscreen gloves). I'm hoping to make a pair of my own sometime soon although most likely in less bold colors than what you're thinking for yours. We'll have to trade pictures!