February 4, 2011

Do you ever talk in accents?


I had a scary realization the other day.

When I am confused by my cat's behavior, I speak to him in a German accent.
For example, I always say "Ralphie! What are you doing?" As I see him attempting to scale a wall or climb all over my pretty mantle. By, in my Maryland version of  a German accent, it would sound a little something like this (excuse my phonetic spelling) :

Rvalphie! Vhat ahre yogu dohing?!

And when I'm feeling goofy with my students, I speak in a Harry Potter-like accent. And whenever I do this, I have to actually say the name "Harry Potter" just to cement how legit the accent is in my brain.

Sometimes I really believe I am a strange creature. I have no idea when these accents started, but I did receive confirmation that I have been unknowingly immatating them for months.


Well... I guess that's what the winter is for. Being crazy, doing silly things to make the time pass by, and questioning if you should be institutionalized.


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