February 5, 2011

The Crochet Lite!

I just got back from a little shopping trip. I had to pick up a few extra crochet hooks for next week's Statement Scarf class, so I headed around to some of the local craft stores. While I was out, I found a few treats.

The first treat was that Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Baby yarn (my favorite!) was on sale for only $1.99 a skein! That's a steal! So I loaded up with my favorite spring colors. Hooray!

The second treat was the full line of The Crochet Lite hooks! AWESOME! I can finally crochet in the dark without using the flashlight on my cell phone! I am so excited to sit in the dark and try this! Or crochet in the car tonight!

It's the small things, people :)

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