January 14, 2011

What I'm shopping for today!

The biggest problem with me being stranded on the couch all day is online shopping. It's like I'm sitting here, watching really horrible day-time television thinking to myself: Hmm.. I wonder what's on ETSY!?

And off I go into a glorious online shopping world. It's a magical fairytale that Etsy!

The next few months are super busy for me as I have a class and two shows coming up (have you noticed the Calendar widget in the sidebar? ----->
So I need a great bag to get me through the hecticness. I love my current bag (photos later), but I'm ready for an update. My current bag has been around since I found it at Forever 21 in Union Square in NYC last April. I truly love it. Whenever I try to use a different one... I always come back to it. With that being said, I want a fresh look with just as much space.

Here's what I found on etsy that I'm loving:

American Tourister.
I need one. I want one. It will be perfect for all the yarn I plan on taking with me every day!

This pretty is from MySecretCloset:
Vintage 1970s mustard yellow AMERICAN TOURISTER travel bag

Vintage Samsonite Travel Bag in Blue

This upcycled beauty is my runner-up... from Castawayshall:
Vintage Tan Luggage Tote Bag by Samsonite with Upcycled Bird Tag

And the one I eventually bought... because you know...I'm stranded on my couch with puffy cheeks:

Thank you VintageRubyHearts for this adorable bag that I CANNOT wait to carry on my arm:
70s American Tourister Cornflower Blue Overnight Bag

There were a few things about this bag that really caught my eye:
-mint condition--very much like new considering it's from the 70s.
-original American Tourist tag
-original keys
-pretty cornflower blue that never fails to brighten my day!

Of course, when it comes to purses, I have a few requirements:

-it needs to be soft and able to carry my wallet, a book, crochet hooks, and at least one skein of yarn.
-it needs to have a side strap--not just handles. I have been spoiled and can't stand carrying a bag on my shoulder anymore. (My chiropractor is very happy about this decision!)
-it needs to be a color other than black or brown. I like my accessories to have personality and color--so they can go with nearly every outfit.
-I need numerous pockets (business cards, pens, paper, etc.)

I think this bag is perfect for 2011 and the next few months, let alone the price was UNBEATABLE!

Are any of you bag shopping? What qualities MUST you have in a bag?


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