January 10, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Good morning!

Sometimes I feel like if I'm inspired on Monday there is a better chance that I will make it through the week with a smile on my face and creativity in my brain. Sometimes it's a stretch to get the slightest taste of inspiration at the darkest of hours on Monday. You know what I'm talking about?

One source of inspiration for me recently has been the Etsy Blog. It seems to always have a post on exactly what I'm thinking about or need. There have been two special posts within the last week that I want to share with you, just incase you haven't found them yet!

The first one, Fearless Creativity, is all about pushing through your creative ideas even when you're busy or your own worst critic. This is usually my biggest problem, so reading this post was a huge moment for me! I love it!

The second one, Make Something Every Day, focuses more on how to see the endless creative possibilities that stand before us all the time. Her project MakeSomething365 is a huge source of inspiration for even the simplist of days. I find this so inspiring, because I get so focused on the project at hand or all my work-in-progress, that I ignore the small methods of creativity that could be truly rewarding.

So head off, dear reader! Go get inspired! Have a wonderful Monday!

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