January 22, 2011

It is chilly.


Next weekend Cory and I are inviting a bunch of friends up to go out and see an amazing band from western Maryland, Cotton Jones, play at our favorite bar (Cafe Nola). It should be a really great night (and if you're interested, Blood Red Sentimental Blues is my fav song).

Since we're saving all our energy, monies, and excitement for next weekend, we decided to keep this weekend pretty low key. I spent most of today crocheting a cute item for my spring collection and learning how to tie a bowtie (it's part of the project...) and Cory spent most of his Saturday at the library (where he likes to go and read). Tonight we decided to go to a local Italian spot for a cheapo dinner (about $20 total for both of us) and it was delicious! Lots of fun.

On our walk down to il Porto, we realized that it is really stinking cold here in Maryland! I promptly checked the weather as soon as we returned home: 12 degrees! YIKES! So cold!

So tonight we've already made cups of tea, have loaded our laps with blankets, and have our Bon Iver Pandora station playing. I'm curling up with some yarn and Ralphie. Flip is patiently sitting on the stool waiting for Cory to acknowledge him. It's a nice little night in after a delicious dinner out.

This week we decided that we needed to pay tribute to a tradition we remember our parents having when we were little: watching Saturday Night Live. Now, do not be fooled, we are well aware that SNL may never revert back to it's hay days in the 90s, but we can hope. So, tonight we're going to read, relax, drink our tea, and then cheer on the youngest comics on the tube as they attempt to make us chuckle.

These are my favorite Saturdays!

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