January 17, 2011

Flipper & some sweet treats

I thought I would utilize my webcam to show you some impromptu pics of what I have been hookin' over here the last few days. I have quite a bit of shows coming up this spring so I'm trying to play around with some new ideas that will be fun and light hearted. I'll have better pics later today, as I will be uploading most of these items to the shop. Anywho... while I was in mid-photo, Flipper decided to join me. Enjoy :)

What's your favorite?
Sugar cookie brooch or the cupcake pint coozie

Tell me in the comments!


p.s. If you look closely enough at the last picture, you can see how puffy my left side of my face still is... it's not TERRIBLE, but still puffy!

1 comment:

    It arrived here on Saturday, but I was visiting my mom until yesterday, so I got it for real last night! :D
    I wore my pin on my hat today (:

    Thank you so muchhh! :D