January 21, 2011

Cleaning out the Stash


This weekend is all about two things:
keeping warm and using up most of my yarn stash.

I inherited a gigantic bag of yarn from an estate sale my stepmother was hosting around Christmas. It's not the highest quality yarn, but there is SO MUCH of it. I can use it for small products for the shop and odds and ends, but mostly it's just taking up a ton of room. I think I'll throw together a few afghans with it this weekend, that way I have the shelf space to use for new yarn!

My biggest issue right now: zero mental clarity.

This week has been CRAZY.
FIRST: my student teacher started full time.
SECOND: we started a new semester with ALL new students.
THIRD: the weather has been unpredictable and COLD.

Nothing I can't handle, and honestly, things are a lot easier today, now that Lauren (my ST) and I have established pretty clear roles and routines. She'll start teaching full time near the end of next week (which is nice and fun). So far, and it's only day two, my new students are lovely creatures. They're kind, respectful, and tolerate/appreciate my cheeseiness (& corniness). All is well with the world. Spring semester is always the best semester, anyway (in my mind).

Anyway, I could really use some mental down-time this weekend. I don't know why, but there is this little cloud in my brain that is really jumbling up my motivation. I mean, I know it's there, but I can't find the clarity to start any tasks/projects. It's so frustrating! I want to be productive--I just need the space in my brain to allow it!

So, here's to us!
Here's to being productive and having a CLEAR weekend in our minds!


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