December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve eve!


Greetings everyone! Today is my first official day of winter break. We don't return to school until January 3rd. I am so excited for this much needed break. We already have quiet a bit of events planned throughout the next week and a half, but it will be fun to stay busy and active and make the most of our time.

Today we're running around as Santa's elves trying to finish up our super last-minute shopping. A lot of it is easy shopping, but I do have a little crocheting to do as well. I finally have an appointment with an oral surgeon this afternoon to have him check on my dag-on wisdom teeth. They need to be removed asap. Hopefully I won't have to suffer much longer!

Tomorrow we're babysitting our niece, Sloane, while Meghan (her mother, Cory's sister) is at work. After our little babysitting adventure, I'll be busy baking at my Mom's house for our Christmas Eve festivities. We'll get ready, go to church, open presents with Mom's side of the family at Mom's house, go to midnight service with Cory's grandmother, and make our way back to Mom's house for the night. We'll wake up early Christmas morning to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls, exchange presents, and wake up slowly watching "A Christmas Story" and enjoy our long morning with each other. Later Christmas afternoon, we'll make our way to Cory's parents house, enjoy the afternoon and then head to Meghan's for Christmas dinner. It should be a day of fun family time. We'll be staying in that neck of the woods for a few days as we are visiting with my father the day after Christmas and then volunteering at the Cold Weather Homeless Shelter the day after that.

The week between Christmas and New Years will be us preparing for Meghan & Sam's wedding on New Years Eve (yay!!) and enjoying some time off with other teacher friends. I have a feeling we'll catch a few football games and drink a few beverages throughout the week as well.

Long story short--I'm really looking forward to all the holiday time with family and friends.

Do you have your plans set in stone yet? Are you keeping busy or laying low?


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