December 15, 2010

A day of work.


I am so happy to say the following statement:
today has been a productive day.

I started to feel the Christmas panic last weekend when I realized I was spending a lot of my "work" time being social. I loooove spending quality time with people, but man, this time of year, I just need to put my nose to the grind and get the job done!

Today was spent:
running errands to Target & the bank
meeting up with the husband for a All You Can Eat Sushi lunch
picking up a little more yarn for my last few Christmas projects
making 3 batches of cookies (white chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal chocolate chip)
loads of laundy
wrapping up presents and placing them under our pretty tree
crocheting really cute hats for the kids in our families

I'm sorry to run--but I'm afraid if I sit at the computer too long, I'll lose my mojo!

Have a productive evening :)

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