December 21, 2010

Banksy & Street Art

Cory and I were strolling through Netflix on demand and stumbled across the documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop." This documentary is created by an annonymous, British, subversive street artist named Banksy. Here's a look at his work:

Long story short, this documentary is pretty cool and is a must see for anyone who appreciates modern and pop art in any way. It highlights a man who Banksy met through friends who was simply recording their production of street art, but decided to become a street artist himself. Except he wanted to be a street artist times a million, so he turns himself into Mr. Brainwash. It's really incredible. Here's an article from the New York Times in the spring reviewing the documentary.

Here is some of Mr. Brainwash's work:

To be perfectly honest, I feel about this documentary exactly how I felt about the series finale of "The Hills." It's all about your perception of reality. I believe your perception of reality has a lot to do with your perception of art.

Find "Exit Through the Gift Shop" on Netflix, online, or some other resource.

Let me know what you think about Mr. Brainwash and Banksy.
(Maybe if I'm lucky, some of you whom live in LA might have even attended his gallary show "Life is Beautiful."

Is it art? Is Mr. Brainwash respectable, or do you feel as if he violated the concept?

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