November 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland Giveaway!

Greetings! There is a lovely chill in the air in Maryland today. It's so lovely that Cory and I have spent our day cleaning, cooking two different kinds of soup for the week, and crafting (well...I have been, not Cory). With that being said, I have been in a fabulous state of mind all day long, which brings me to some awesome news. There will be TWO giveaways today!

As I was compiling the goodies for this week's giveaway, I realized that I wanted to reach out to two groups of people: Red & Green Holiday people and Winter Wonderland people. Some people like to go all out and deck the halls with shades of cranberry and pine, while others like to keep the decorations winter friendly and add a bit more glitz and gleam with silver and blue. I'm hoping that you belong to one of these two camps. I like to decorate with both schemes, but in different rooms. There is something really special about those colors, yeah?

So here we go... the giveaways will be two different, side by side, blog posts (scroll down for the second one). You can enter BOTH giveaways if you want!
What you need to do to enter the giveaway:

(1) be a follower of this blog.
(2) leave your name, email, and url address for your blog (if you have one) in the comments.

AND you can get EXTRA entries if you blog about this giveaway and post a link to the blog post in the comments of this post!

Drum roll please...

This Winter Wonderland Giveaway includes:

*A blank Moleskine notebook perfect for holiday art journaling.
* 6 handmade pom poms in silver, royal blue, and white/gold
* a vintage (1979) copy of Southern Living's Creative Crafts periodical.
*a vintage silver tassle necklace that is the perfect amount of sparkle for ANY holiday outfit!
*Donna's Decembers knitted garland in a creamy white.
*10 different pattern sets of 10 strips of paper perfect for paper chains around your home
*two rounds of winter-blue ribbon that will be perfect for dressing up presents

The winner will be announced this Saturday!

Good luck!



  1. What great giveaways! I would love to win anything!! :) I am a new follower, my name is Janna Lynn,, and my blog is

    Take Care, Janna Lynn

  2. Fabulous craftiness, fingers crossed!
    Follower, yes of course.


  3. leslie clark.

    :D i like both these giveaways equally! ahhhh.

  4. Have been following your blog and loving it!
    Wishing myself luck!


  5. What beautiful items! My Christmas tree since I moved out three years ago has been silver and blue, but I've been missing traditional red and green...I think I may use it in different rooms like you! What a great idea :) Now to start my collection....And I've been a follower since Janel introduced you!


  6. Such a gorgeous giveaway! Since moving into my little cottage in the country, I have been so excited about decorating for christmas this year! thanks for doing this early, and letting us get a head start on decorating our homes:)


  7. Woo-Hoo! I'm a follower!


  8. I'm following!


    I'm thinking I'm a red and green girl but I love both!

  9. fab stuff!
    heading to blog about it now!

  10. This is so great
    Blogging about it as we speak

  11. Also here is my blog post

  12. I have always wanted a moleskin journal Thanks so much for the awesome collection of goodies

    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com