November 17, 2010

A few fun things...


How is everyone today? Things are good on this end. I finally made it to work today after being sick at home for most of the week (I went in to work on Monday but could only make it until 12). Although it wasn't the easiest day to be back, I made it through and my students were fairly understanding of me still being under the weather.

So instead of being bleh about being sick, I wanted to share with you a few exciting things from blogland that I'm happy to share and really looking forward to.

ornamentswaparoo coming soon :)
First is that Becky over at Strumpet Crumpets is hosting an ornament swap! It's a simple give and get set up (you trade 1 ornament which means limited work). I'm not sure if it's possible, but I bet she'd be willing to let you pick more than one name if you wanted to swap more than one ornament. It can never hurt to ask! For full details, go here.

The other cool diddy  is going on over at The Perfect Pear.  Lauren is hosting a challenge from November 22nd (next Monday!) thru December 22nd in which she will post simple items, materials, or prompts for the day. In turn, you use those prompts in a craft of your choice to come up with your own interpretation of the mission. Okay, okay, this is confusing. So here is the example she provided:

Ex. Felt, Embroidery Thread, and a Button. I would create a flower with the button in the middle, and stitching around the edges, then I would add it to a necklace or a headband!

I will also add things like leaves, a house or a flower. And you have to incorporate that into your creation, whether you make it out of felt, paper, use some other material or you get a real one, its all up to you! It just has to have an image of a leaf, or a house in it, how you make that happen is all up to you. Then you must take pictures of it!

Basically, you make something cute with the ideas from the post, snap a photo, email the photo to Lauren and get entered into a drawing to win loads of cute stuff. She has loads upon loads of details and information over at her blog, so hop on over here and check out the details.

Personally, I'm totally doing these. I want to do the mix 'n match challenge just to push my creativity a bit. I'm not here for points, just here for fun and pretty things :)

Go check out the details, sign up, and have some fun :)


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  1. hahah, i just stumbled across your blog! and I might add I love it, and what I suprise to see my mix n' match contest! its was the higlight of my night I must say! have you signed up yet?!
    haha xoxo