October 18, 2010

The Weekend That Was...

Greetings! I thought I would hop in for a little weekend re-cap.

Maryland Public Schools were closed on Friday for what we like to call Association Day. This is when the Maryland State Educators Association holds its annual Teacher's Conference in Ocean City, Maryland and offers the entire state off school so teachers can attend. You are not required to attend the conference, but I've heard it's pretty beneficial and is a good opportunity to head to the beach for a weekend and unwind but still get some good stuff for your classroom. I've never been...

Alas, Thursday night started the weekend! I am so sad that I do not have pictures from this weekend, as my cell phone couldn't capture the light properly and my trusty Nikon dslr was at home in it's case napping... I digress.

Thursday night Cory was able to FINALLY enjoy his wedding present from me! We headed down to the D.C. area for dinner and then made our way into Arlington, V.A. to The Birchmere where we saw Carolina Chocolate Drops! Amazing!

They put on a heck of a show and Cory and I loved their modern twist on old school bluegrass classics...and their bluegrass twists on modern classics, like Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'Em Up Style." I mean... really... so cool! Check 'em out if you're in need of some new music. Here is a youtube video of my favorite song, "Cornbread and Butterbeans."

Cory and I spent Friday at a Collegeboard training for AP English and AP World History. It wasn't a valuable use of my time, but I got paid and was able to hang out with a few people I rarely see... so it wasn't a complete wash.

As you know, most of my Saturday was spent crocheting with my cats (ha, I sound like such an old maid)! It was time well deserved in my couch. I am selling cowls so, so quickly at The Muse, our local handmade shop. I am sending in anywhere form 8-10 a week and selling them like crazy! If you haven't seen our new cowls, head on over to le shop and pick one up! I can make them in any color you desire!

Have a lovely rest of your Monday :)

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  1. I LOVE the Carolina Chocolate Drops! We've seen them twice and it's always so much fun! And I also LOVE the Birchmere. We saw a show there a few years ago when visiting my brother in D.C. and I think it might be my favorite concert venue- so relaxed and intimate.