October 18, 2010

I've got a baby bumble bee...

So, I have been browsing through a few new blogs and found one that I had to use Google Translator so I could read it in English (the original text was written in French). Meet Marion's Handmade blog.

I was scrolling through previous posts when this adorable wooden bumble bee caught my eye.

It was obviously a crafting tool... but I had never seen it before!

And then I realized it was a small tool to do quasi-mini-finger knitting! Amazing! I have never seen these!
Am I behind on the times?

Either way, Marion introduced this amazing tool to me and in return, I hopped right over to etsy.com and bought my own in caterpiller form! This is going to be perfect for teeny tiny garland for Christmas, let alone headbands! Holy smokes I am so excited!

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