October 10, 2010

Creative Energy: DIY overload!

I have been so inspired recently. There's something about the simplist of scenery this time of year and the brilliance of the colors. It's like eating a cake that is so good your mouth waters for it 24/7. Isn't that so crazy?! I never realized a season could do this to me! Half the time while I'm at work, I am writing a list of everything I want to make/do when the weekend comes that I lose track of what I'm actually supposed to be doing! I still do my job... but my brain gets a little sidetracked.

I am finally able to clear my schedule a little to craft at home. I have been bookmarking DIYs that have been appearing on various blogs for the longest time. I've been secretly pining for the weekend where I can have an endless supply of hot cider and tackle some of these amazing projects!

Of course, I want to share some of these DIYs with you! Here we go...

Over at That is Charming, Becky from Strumpets Crumpets guest posted this adorable embroidered book illustration. Talk about a quick way to incorporate your favorite illustration into a cozy piece for your home. Turn it into a pillow or think about someone on your holiday shopping list who would prefer an illustration from their favorite book over the typical store bought item. Talk about the perfect personalized gift for Christmas or a baby shower! This has my mind going a mile a minute with ideas!

Speaking of Carol from That is Charming, another guest blogger, Kyla posted this ADORABLE Patterend "Fortune Cookies" tutorial. Can we say PERFECT DIY for a quick and easy holiday centerpiece or accent in a pretty vintage bowl? This would also be a fun way to have people introduce one another at a holiday party. So adorable with endless possibilities!

Of course, there is the tride and true fall felt garland (that I have already made for my mantle) from Pam Garison. Adorable and perfect for every nook and every cranny! Just get some scissors and some felt, a needle and thread, and you're in business!

Think a Sock Monkey is a key to your autumn and winter success? What about the coziest gift for a little person you know who needs something new to cuddle with? Check out this Sock Monkey DIY from Lenny Taylor.

Are you totally smitten with Granny Squares now that you're digging through your closet and are realizing you have a non-existant afghan collection? Here's what you can do with all those granny squares that are floating around in your brain! Check out this awesome post from Thread Banger that will show you just what you can use them for, like this amazing vintage patch pillow!

I hope that will keep you busy for at least a few days!
I'll be back later this week with more ah-mazing DIYs from the online world!

With love and DIYs,

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  1. :) awwww Thanks for including me!!! You are so sweet!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!
    I LOVE that patch pillow!!! I want to make one this minute!!!