October 24, 2010

City Time

It has been a few months since I have gone to visit Lisa in Manhattan and over the last few weeks my yearnings to get back to the city have only gotten more intense... so I think Cory and I are hopping a bus to NYC before the month is over. Of course, I am thinking about what I want to do when we're there and what I should pack and all of those fun details. I hoped on etsy to see what kind of vintage luggage I could find, and I have to say... I think I might have a better time dreaming of packing for my trip than actually doing it!

This cute duffle might just be coming along with me from Marjiew:
Large Gitano Duffle Bag

This weekender bag could be perfect though:
Florence's Floral Vintage Weekender Suitcase

What kind of luggage do you have?
Any recommendations when buying vintage?

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