September 24, 2010

When will it happen!?

In my little corner of Maryland, it is still a blistering 90 degrees.

That's right. It's the last weekend in September, and we're still in shorts and tanks.

I am ready for autumn, gosh darn it! I feel like I need to send autumn an invitation to finally show up to the mid-Atlantic! Goodness gracious!

And to be perfectly honest, I'm pretty jealous of these beautiful field pictures. They make me crave corn mazes, crisp breezes, and well, you know the rest...

(sources: /tag: field)

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  1. Isn't it awful how sometimes the summer stretches its arms and holds on way too long, and by the time it finally drops in temperature and the leaves change, you've got about a month until the weather gets too cold and it starts snowing? I hate that.