September 30, 2010

Mental Health Day

(A snapshot of me taken by my wonderful husband this past weekend)

As you can tell from my lack of posting, it has been a rough week. So rough, in fact, that I declared today an official Mental Health Day! I am home from work today trying to straighten and toughen up my outlook for the rest of this semester. It's a scary thought that it is ONLY September and I am so unsatisfied with my school year thus far. I can only hope for a dramatic turn around!

Anyway--school is being left at school today under the supervision of a substitute teacher.

Today I am focusing on me! Finally. I woke up with Cory this morning, being sure not to miss a beat on my free day. So far, I have:

-paid all my bills.
-crocheted 3 pairs of earrings.
-ordered a new Donna's Decembers banner for this Saturday.
-added a few touches to new designs/products I have been working on.
-blogged! yay!

I'm hoping that despite the 6 inches of rain we're supposed to get here in Frederick, Maryland, that today will be full of mental sunshine.

And I wish the same for you :).

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