September 15, 2010

Frederick Blog Tour: Volt

If you watch Bravo TV or follow Top Chef religiously, you may want to sit down.

Are you sitting yet?

Does this beautiful man look familar?

That's right, the second-place winner of Top Chef season Season 6. Bryan Voltaggio has graced us with his expertise in the kitchen in the award-winning-lots-of-hype-over restaurant, Volt. Many of you will check out the website and see that a similarly looking fellow won the Top Chef title, and that, my friends, is Bryan's little brother Michael. Both Bryan and Michael are Frederick, Maryland natives. Bryan and his family live on the outskirts of town while Michael has taken residence on the west coast.

Although I only live one block away from this gorgeous building, getting reservations at Volt is a challenge. When Top Chef season 6 was still showing, there was a wait numerous months long! However, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a delicious lunch at Volt over the summer. Cory and I took my parents for a Saturday lunch in a way to say thank you for helping us so much with the wedding. My stepfather is quite the foodie, so he had a blast. Plus, Mr. Voltaggio himself graced us with his presence! So cool!

Last fall, when season 6 was airing on Bravo TV, Volt held special "garden parties" out in the court yard to the right of the restaurant. They would have a giant flat screen attached to the brick wall, an open bar, and host an all-around good time! I really miss hearing the hoops and hollers on Wednesday night.

Here is a little visual stimulation of this beautiful, beautiful restaurant.

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