July 12, 2010

Time Management.

 I have been trying to focus my energy into positive activities and people that make me feel energized. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to do what I really want to do.
My entire outlook recently has been evolving around one central question:

How do you find time to do what you love to do?

While I know some people are very fortunate to take a leap of faith and trust in their true passions, I find that is not the case for everyone. I have never had an opportunity arise where I could place every other daily obstacle on the back burner to focus on a true passion.

So, for those of you who juggle the demands of work, family, etc., how do you do it?
Do you work on a schedule?

I think this seems to be a struggle for most people, as we are constantly exploring new artistic avenues and passions, but it is a topic for a healthy conversation (in my eyes at least)!

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