July 19, 2010

Home Ec

So for all my craftiness, I am pretty afraid of my sewing machine. Now, I know it won't attack me in my sleep, but I get crazy anxiety just thinking about a project I might crochet that needs lining or anything like that.

Those of you who are visiting from Smile and Wave, and those of you who should go visit Rachel's blog ASAP (bc it's adorable in every way), let's talk about the new class she's hosting (with others): Home Ec.

Is anyone else interested in taking this class? Deep down, I really want to enroll and have it be the most wonderful experience possible (obviously). But, I'm nervous for a few reasons, so I need some people to talk me into it!

Nervous reason #1: The class starts August 10th. In any other world, this just a date, but to me, it's just 2 days before school starts for teachers. This is a really crazy time of year for me as I'll be setting up my classroom, attending meetings, and getting Homecoming details prepared with my Student Government students.

Nervous reason #2: I need support to keep truckin' through the class. The more people I "know" taking the class, the more peer pressure you can put on me to finish the projects! I know I can make up excuses in a hurry, so I would like to set up a suppor system so we can keep everyone going!

Nervous reason #3: The Muse needs a pretty solid inventory of Donna's December's merchandise for the fall/winter. So does my etsy shop, so I had planned on using August and September to work on inventory and new patterns. However, (here's the flip side) this class might help me improve items I already make and sell!

Ok, ok...now what do you think?
Are you in? Should we do it?

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  1. i just stumbled upon your blog and was curious as to if you decided to take this class or not? I too have been on the fence.