July 28, 2010

busy busy

This is my last full week at home before school starts. (I leave for San Diego on Sunday!) As you can imagine, my to do list is a mile long. 
Here's what I'm up to:

1. Getting new specs.
Ralphie hid my glasses from me in February and I am just now getting tired of my blurry vision.

2. Getting my hair cut like this.
My hair grows so slowly, that I can usually manage cutting it only twice a year. Because I was growing it out for the wedding and willing to have whatever split ends would get me there, I haven't had my hair cut since last September. I'm a little over due :).

3. Back to School shopping.
My shoe wardrobe is in desperate need of refreshment.

4. Setting up my classroom.
(Sorry for the poor pic quality. I found this picture while hunting for pictures of my classroom. This is from fall 2008. A student snapped this when Cory wasn't paying attention. We had only been dating for a few months at this point. We both look so "teacher-ish" lol.)

I'll be in San Diego all next week, so this is my last shot at a little peace and quiet in my classroom before teachers and students return!

5. Changing my name.
I have loads of paperwork to fill out so I can legally change my last name. So, so much!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. glad you had a great time on your honeymoon!!! love those shoes.

    hopefully our weather here in san diego will get a little bit better before you get here! it's been pretty gloomy.