June 23, 2010

The Story of Liz and Cory Part 2!

Two days ago I posted about how Cory and I met (in a Library, which is so perfect considering we're both teachers and book worms)!

Today--I bring you to our engagement!

---July 2009---

For two weeks last July Cory and I packed ourselves into his Jetta and hit a few major cities in the south. We had so much fun touring Knoxville, Nashville, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, and the Outer Banks that we almost didn't want to come home! I have to be honest, before we left on the trip, I really wasn't sure if I would be able to "live out of a car" for 2 weeks, but by the end, we had definitely found a great routine. The day after we returned home, Cory and I still weren't sick of each other, so we planned an impromptu date night. I knew this was a crazy, crazy sign. How can I NOT be sick of a person who I zero privacy from for 2 solid weeks?!

On Saturday July 25th, Cory was acting a little crazy when he suddenly rushed into the house and said, "I have to go, my sister's water heater leaked all throughout her basement and I need to go help her clean it up!" I asked if I could go, not to help clean, but to lay out by the pool (haha). He said no because he was in such a rush, so I just let him go on without me. (I'll come back to this in a second...)

The next morning, July 26th, Cory woke very early to make me breakfast in bed (we cook breakfast together at least 1 Sunday a month--and it's one of my absolutely favorite things). Before long, I realized that it wasn't even 8:30 and I already had coffee waiting for me. A little annoyed that I couldn't sleep in longer, I struggled to sit up (and I know many of you are saying, geez Liz, 8:30? Get serious...) and prepare for breakfast. Cory brought to me a tray of breakfast with a white envelope on top. I ate my breakfast first (and it was so so delicious) and then began to read his letter. The letter was handwritten and about 3 pages in length and chalk full of private jokes and thoughts. The very last line of the letter, as Cory poked his head around the corner to see if I had finished it or not) was "Will you be my wife?"

I looked at him, shocked, and he came beside the bed and knelt down on one knee. I couldn't move much because the breakfast tray was still covering my lap (haha), but after a few sentiments from him, I finally said yes (as many times as I could)!

We spent the rest of the day going around town to show our parents and friends. We had such a wonderful day celebrating and getting ready to announce to everyone we knew! I honestly had NO idea.

So what does Cory's sister's basement have to do with this? Well, while I thought he was cleaning up gallons of water, he was really going to pick up my engagement ring from Colonial Jewelers (a local, family owned jewelry store) and asking my mother for permission. That sneaky devil...

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