March 14, 2010

So much to tell!

So just realized I haven't uploaded my Nikon memory card in OVER a month! Yikes! There is so much to recap...

1) I reorganized my studio space to make it more work friendly. Unfortunately, right now, it's the home of a lot of wedding stuff, but I trust that it will look this pretty again soon...

2) Cory and I went away for Valentine's Day and stayed in downtown Baltimore. He took me to see a wonderful caberet show and I gave him a night in the Hilton. Our room had incredible view and these are some of the shots Cory was able to get:

3) Karla sent me this adorable pattern. After mastering it in white as the pattern suggests, I was able to give it a friendly spring twist. I wore my white necklace to work last Tuesday to add some pep to my bland brown skirt w/aqua tee and some of my female students went crazy over it. After I finish a few other pieces, I'm goign to make them their own!

4) I tackled a few "springy" jewelry ideas I had floating around in my head for the shop update/Muse debut... what do you think?

And my personal favorite:

There are a few more items over in my shop...check 'em out!

As you know, yesterday was my artist highlight at The Muse. I thought it was very successful and I had a blast hanging out with Whitney. I am so fortunate that I had many good friends and work buddies come visit and even purchase a few items! I was able to pass out some of my new business cards and meet a few local artists as well! I left many new items at the shop, so if you're looking for a fun day trip and unique handmade products, you should definitely stop by.

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