January 3, 2010

Just like many of you, one my greatest style inspirations is Anthropologie. The closest store is about 30 minutes away from here, so during the school year I don't have much time to visit during the week. Due to Winter Break and taking a mini-trip with Cory to visit with some friends in Northern Virginia last week, I was able to spend some QT time in the store without being rushed (hooray!).

Well--another favorite of mine is the Sundance channel. It offers a consant supply of indie films and documentaries that Cory and I LOVE to watch. So, when my two sources of inspiration combined in October, I was overjoyed. I haven't had much time since the season started to really pay it much attention---UNTIL NOW! Ha ha! I  have spent my time DVRing and watching this over winter break. Yum yum yum. It's like instant inspiration, watching the mind work behind the scenes, and not having to spend a dime (well, I guess the cable bill...).

As I posted earlier, tomorrow I head back to the grind. I have had 17 glorious days off and have enjoyed each second of them. They have ranged from a wild blizzard to comfortable evenings cooking and hanging out with friends. So.. you can imagine I'm not totally psyched to be going back to school. However, I'm going to embrace this moment and (force myself to) write out 10 reasons to be glad to go back to work!

10. Get myself in a schedule again.
9. Dressing up for work makes me feel happy.
8. Have a closer watch of what I eat throughout the day.
7. Catch up with my amazing colleagues about their winter break and/or play Taboo during planning.
6. Be thankful that I even have a job in this economic crisis.
5. I get paid Friday (thankfully...whew!)
4. Spend the last 2 weeks of the semester with my students before classes change on the 15th.
3. Have reasons to laugh during the day (my students).
2. January = 2010 = closer to summer!
1. Spend quality "thinking" time in the car to and from work every day (I have a 25 minute commute).
1. Give my department their wonderful handmade jewlery sets that I didn't have the chance to give before the holidays! Now THAT is something worth waking up for!

In my final few hours of freedom I plan to finish my laundry, drink a cup of tea, and crochet a new set of earrings to wear to work tomorrow :)

Happy Monday morning to you and yours!

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