January 3, 2010

Inspiration Sunday

Here are 5 things that inspire me this week. From the colors to the actual pictures.

1. Playing.
All I want to do is play outside today....but it's currently 18 degrees.

2. Poppies.
I'm going against my usual netural color palate and am LOVING spring colors. I'm really getting into floral colors: peaches, pinks, fuschias...it's only January! Of course, I'm guilty of getting so excited for Christmas, and the day after, wanting nothing but spring. Do you get like that, too? I can't help it. I'm also hesitant to wear chunky layers after Christmas, too.. I'll layer like crazy with cardigans and tights, but will try to avoid dark colors.


3. Yarn...of course.
Today I will tackle pom poms for winter/valentine's decorations...and i love these colors!


4. Granny Squares
Right now I have accomplished many clutch purses using granny squares--and I want to aoid winterish items--but where else can you put granny squares?

5. Thinking of when I can do this again..

Now, it's time to get started! I have to return to work tomorrow from a very long winter break. I'm going to try to spend the morning and afternoon to myself and then tackle the work I have to do for school tomorrow later this evening.

How do you get motivated to go back to work after time off?

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