January 4, 2010

24 before 25

To be perfectly honest--I was a grump earlier. Then I had my chiropractor appointment at 5:40 (right after I blogged my sad, depressing rainbow). I feel like a brand new girl! It had been almost a week since my last appointment, and boy can I tell a difference! So here I am, all sunshine and (happy) rainbows!

Sooo! On to what I really wanted to post about earlier!

Today marks a month since my last birthday. I had been going over this idea at the time, but Christmas had totally taken over my brain before I could sort through my thoughts. I think, although I do have a few "2010 Goals" on my list, that I am going to attempt a 24 Before 25. I will create a list of 24 things I want to do throughout the year (which is perfect = 2 things a month!) and journal about them as I go. So...here we go.

1. Create a major shop update so I have 25 items (or more!)
2. Enroll in at least 2 classes at The Muse.
3. Visit NYC.
4. Host a dinner party.
5. Read a book over 400 pages long.
6. Take road trip pictures with my new GNOME (Christmas present from Cory's Mom!)
7. Attend a major craft show in a city outside of Maryland/DC.
8. Be a vendor at a craft show.
9. Create clutch purse collection for The Muse.
10. Create a wedding journal.
11. Make a granny square blanket.
12. Have a functional, organized space for my crafting supplies.
13. Make more blog/crafty friends.
14. Get back to my favorite old habit: buy/wear more dresses.
15. Make a 2011 calendar.
16. Give only handmade gifts.
17. Spend more time with my mom, aunts, and family.
18. Attend two concerts (and if one of those was TV on the Radio...ahhhh).
19. Visit Salisbury friends more regularly.
20. Plan a date night with Cory once a month.
21. Go on a day trip 1 time a month.
22. Participate in Happy Mail!
23. Make a journal about my new kitten, Ralphie.
24. Host a craft/tea party.

What's on your list!?

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