March 5, 2013

National Craft Month Demo Days at The Muse!

As part of National Craft Month, my local handmade shop, The Muse, hosts a local artist each Sunday of March to demonstrate a craft or skill from 2-4 in the afternoon. I was asked to kick off Demo Days and I decided to demonstrate how to use pom pom makers and then use them to make a pom pom rug! I only got about half way finished the rug, as I taught SO many wonderful people how to use pom pom makers, but I'm excited to finish the rug during this huge snow storm we're expecting this week.

Anyway, while I was teaching an adorable 5th grader how to use the pom pom makers, Bill Green, a photographer from our local paper, The Frederick News Post, came by and snapped a few photos. It's certainly not the best photo, but is a little bit of press to add to my resume! I wish they could have included the little girl, too, but that's ok!

Read the press release here.

What have you been crafting for National Craft 9and Crochet!) Month? 


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