October 16, 2012

Review: Fancy Tiger Crafts of Denver, CO + Chiaogoo Crochet Hooks

When Cory and I were on our summer road trip we stayed in Boulder, CO for a few days. Having never been to Colorado, I was pleasantly surprised because they have a thoroughly established handmade community. I had been given a recommendation by my friend Whitney to stop by Fancy Tiger Crafts on our way through Denver. I'm so glad we did because not only did I fall in love with the store, but I also picked up a few Chiaogoo crochet hooks in the process! So here you go, a two-in-one review!

As soon as you walk into Fancy Tiger Crafts, it's nothing but color. Every item, notion, or product is available in a wide variety of colors. What I loved about this shop was that every nook and cranny was fully stocked with product, but I never felt overwhelmed. The staff was exceptionally friendly and willing to talk with me about crocheting while I picked out a new book and a small gift for Whitney. They also were very helpful while I asked them a few questions about Chiaogoo crochet hooks.

This incredible yarn-bombed deer in the back of the store is too gorgeous for me to put into words. As a person who isn't font of taxidermy, this would be my only exception. It was gorgeous!

Fancy Tiger had nearly every material, notion, or craft product I could dream of including a wide variety of Mexican oil cloth. It really made me wish I could ship boxes back home, but alas, I had to hold off to stick to my road trip budget! All in all, Fancy Tiger Crafts was a happy place. I saw many locals coming into pick out supplies for their craft projects which reaffirms that it's a community establishment. To me, it's as important that local craft stores feel as part of the community as your favorite pub or eatery.

So now to the second review: Chiaogoo Crochet Hooks!

While I was at Fancy Tiger, I stumbled upon their crochet hook selection and saw a brand of crochet hooks I was unfamiliar with at the time. Always wanting to try out new supplies, materials, etc., I picked up two different sized Chiaogoo hooks to try out throughout our remaining days on our roadtrip.

To be honest, what I like most about the Chiaogoo hooks is that they are simple. They are sturdy, smooth bamboo crochet hooks that I can imagine the earliest crocheters using. They fit nicely in my hand and I don't have a trouble gripping them like aluminum or plastic hooks. They're pricey. I spent $10 on a 25mm hook, but in my mind, it's totally worth it. As artists, we try to give our customers the highest quality product, but sometimes we need the highest quality tools to do that. If you're willing to make a life-long investment, I highly encourage you to try out Chiaogoo hooks. They would also make a really nice gift or stocking stuffer for the needle artist in your life!

What craft shop or product have you tried recently that you've loved? Let me know in the comments!


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