March 30, 2012

A little weekend.

Oh, hay!

Let me tell you something. It has been non-stop over here! Did someone call my brain and give it a message along the lines of, "YOU MUST WORK 13 HOURS A DAY EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!" Because let me tell you, if you did, half of me wants to be angry (because I'm exhausted) and the other half of me wants to be happy (because I was productive this week). I just can't make up my mind.

Anywho! It's finally the weekend and I am really excited for some downtime, most specifically, some me time.

This weekend is all about:

-catching up on sleep and rest.

-finally heading to see The Hunger Games on the big screen (if I'm lucky and can squirrel Cory away for a bit)!

-drinking tea all day every day.

-working on crochet ideas I've had in my brain all week. I'm pretty impressed I still remember them after the craziness of this week!

-reading magazines and gathering inspiration for the spring and summer.

-cooking breakfast for a fleet of Cory's friends who are in town for our friend Rich's bachelor party.

-reading good books (have you ever read any Steve Martin before? It's so fantastic!).

-watching both film versions of Animal Farm.

What are you up to this weekend?

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