November 22, 2011

My Craft Show Set Up

Now that I'm finished with all my autumn craft shows, I wanted to share with you a few of my set-ups. I never really set up my merchandise the same way each time, so it's fun to get some photos of what it looks like and compare & contrast.

At this show I had a few winter accessories, but focused more on home goods (ie: pillows) and jewelry. This was the second year I participated in this local show and I hope to participate again!

This is a 2-day show in the mountains of Frederick County. It's one of the biggest craft shows on the east coast (100,000+ customers!). I couldn't crochet fast enough to keep up with the demand. These photos are from the very first day; the second day had much less inventory, but I tried my best to crochet while I provided customer assistance! As you can tell, I focused way more on winter wears even though it was a stifling 80 degrees both days. 

This show was my favorite of the season! Such enjoyable and chic customers. I sold out of nearly every item I took, which was a first! Craziness! You'll see that I only sold winter wears and only had one table. Because of that, I limited my inventory to 5 items: button cowls, drawstring cowls, puff cowls, and neckwarmer cowls. I didn't even have room for my bust on the table!

Show #4: My Picture-less show. 
This past Friday evening I set up a table at a local elementary school for their holiday bizarre. I totally forgot to snap a picture, but just like the Indie Craft Market, I only sold winter wears.

This show is pretty cool because it supports a local high school band. I'm always down for helping out students and schools! I was so lucky because my good friend Lisa came to visit this weekend and she helped me all day at this show. It was great to have the extra hands and customer service! This show has 2 parts-- a spring show in March and a fall show in November. I participated in both this year and have already reserved my spot for next year, too!

So, what do you think!? I know a lot of the photos are low res and poor quality--but that's a droid for ya. 

Did you participate or attend any autumn craft shows? Where/when? Which tables were the most impressive? What caught your eye?

If you didn't catch me at a craft show, you can bet your bottom dollar all these items are available for you at my etsy shop. 

Just a reminder--we guarantee Christmas delivery for ALL items if purchased by December 1st!

(There is still a good chance if you order after December 1st that you'll get it by Christmas, as we ship first class priority mail--but you know how it is.)

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  1. YAY! Good luck at your craft shows! It's always great to see how people set up! Helping my momma with a practice set up right now! Happy Thanksgiving!