September 16, 2011

The Best Thing(s) About Teaching Seniors

The Best Thing(s) about Teaching Seniors in the Fall:
  • They are still motivated to do well in school. Once that first spring breeze floats by, that motivation is out the window!
  • They truly want to become a good writer so they are successful in college.
  • As the teacher, I get to coach them when making pretty hefty decisions regarding to ACT/SAT and the college admissions process.
  • My high expectations translate into: "She's treating me like an adult."
  • When they turn in a paper, they have put 12 years of education into focus. Seriously. They busted their butts this week and this is what I face... (proudly)...
I have some papers to grade.

A huge stack of Personal Statement essays.
These will be fun because they will tell me so much about my students. Yay!

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