July 29, 2011

The key to my... art project?

When Cory and I were driving from Myrtle Beach to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, we took the back road. We knew it was risky, but it just seemed like the perfect day to spend a day in the car with the windows down and the music turned up.

About a hour north of Myrtle Beach is Wilmington, North Carolina, one of my favorite towns... ever. It's a small southern town with a great artistic flair, plus it's where Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill were filmed ;).  Cory and I decided to stop in Willmington for brunch, which ended up being the perfect opportunity to spend time outside in the local farmers market and soak in extra sunshine and fresh air.

As we returned to our car, Cory and I instantly noticed there was something a little different about the chainlink fence placed next to our car. It was covered in keys! Keys?! Why keys? We had no idea, but we thought it was so cool.

Come to find out, it's actually a community art project, Keys with a View. We were so impressed by this project and the simple beauty of the project that we dug around until we found a key that we had no need for in the car! I thought it was so cool to add to this community project!

Are there any community art projects where you live?


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