July 9, 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Cory!

Cory and I will celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. A year flies by, man!

To celebrate, I am taking Cory out of town tonight to spend the night in our favorite D.C. neighborhood so we can enjoy in a few festivities and plans that I have made. We'll be back in town late Sunday night... other than that, I can't spill anything about his surprise ;). You'll find out more on Sunday!

Cory and I had a dream wedding. In a summer where the average temperature in Maryland was 97 degrees, we lucked out with the only Saturday in July under 90 degress--in fact, I don't know if it was above 85 the entire day. We had a gorgeous ceremony at the church I was raised in, had photos taken on the Antietam Battlefield, and celebrated the night away with our closest family and friends at a local art gallery. We all went out downtown after the wedding and it was just so fun. We planned our wedding so all our out-of-town guests were with us Thursday-Sunday. We spent so much time with our friends and family and it felt so warm the entire time. From trivia night at a local bar to brunch the day after our wedding, there was so much love around us. We were so blessed.

To celebrate a little, I wanted to share some of our wedding photos with you, since I never shared very many last year! I'm going to split them up into 2 parts, so you'll get to see a bit today and a bit tomorrow :)

One of the details that made the day so special was that 3 of my most favorite students of all time actually crashed the ceremony. Ok, I may have told them when and where it was, but they weren't formally invited ;). It was really sweet to see them there on our special day :)

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