June 20, 2011

A life update & a giveaway!

Hey ya'll.

Cory and I have been up to our eyebrows in boxes and odds and ends. As you know, we closed on our property last Friday. We promptly began painting the condo with a brand new color scheme compared to the cotton candy blues & pinks that were canvasing the walls.

Home owners!!!!!

Here's a sneak peek of our bedroom!
Note: I was washing the covers when this cell photo was taken. :)

Sneak peek of our bedroom!

I will be back later with an entire home tour but we have A LOT of work to do before then... like getting a couch... and end tables... and other stuff.

In other news, I assisted my step father in throwing my mom a surprise birthday party! I'll be back with a full review of that as well.

Whew--it's been busy!

Before I forget, though, you have to jump over to visit GussySews for her Giveaway Day! Here's the link to my giveaway! So many great handmade giveaways! eeep! :)

See you soon!


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