May 10, 2011

Liz... College Style

I was fortuante enough to go to college at the very beginning of the Facebook generation. I remember being a sophomore in college and DEMANDING that Salisbury University get Facebook. It was a travesty that we didn't have it yet! Fortuantely, we weren't far down on the list to get it, so when it finally arrived, all was well! I think back to college and how much we used Facebook to correspond with each other. Messages, witty banter on our walls, but most importantly, the sharing of photos from crazy//funny nights out.

I have been spending a weird amount of time flipping through all the photos still posted on Facebook. It makes me really miss my friends from school in an incredible way. For me, my friends from college are "my people." They get me. I feel like we're always on the same page and are just so similar. I love them so incredibly much.

After meeting up with a few Salisbury friends this past weekend at a Baltimore Oriole's game, I have really been reminiscing like crazy. So without a lot of context, these photos are some of my favorites from my favorite, and unfortuantely last, semester in college (circa 2007).

(Jordan and me)

(Melissa & me after a little dangerous driving w/Kyle & Jordan in Kyle's Jeep)

(M. Patterson and me)

(Top to Bottom L to R: Audie, Carlena, Jordan, and me. I love this photo.)

(Brandi and me on our way to the beach... Salisbury is about 35 minutes away from the beach!)

(Virginia Tech memorial @ Relay for Life)

(Maria, Justin, me... RIP Justin)

(Not your typical picture... but I love this photo from Cinco de Mayo)

(A night out in OC w/Audrey, Carlena, me, and Audie)

(After the night full of dancing and cover bands)

(and again...)

(mirror picture w/Audie (my roommate) :))

(Carlena and me... with some floam in my hand?)

(me & Audie... all dressed up)

(a circle of a lot of love)

(The night before graduation)

(graduation day.)

(Jordan and me at the Seacrets Graduation party in OC)

It makes me so happy to have all these photos in the same place.

Much love,

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