May 16, 2011

Kickin' it Old School... & a bonus

Hey ya'll!

As you know, I'm getting ready to embark on a little mother/daughter weekend. I had to run a few after-school errands and pick up some things I'll need before and during my trip. While I was roaming the aisles at Target, I decided to pick up something special from the past.

What is it?

Is it icecream wrapped up for astronauts?

No... it's a disposable camera!

What's a disposable camera you ask?

haha I know... it's been that long.

If you don't read Busy Bee Lauren's blog, you gotta. She's a hilarious girl from Arizona who has a natural voice and speaks her opinion. I enjoy her blog because she's not afraid to put herself out there and seems to find herself in similar situations as most early to mid 20s gals that I know (even me!). I also feel like whatever she is sharing, I can either personally relate, or I want to send that particular post to a dear friend of mine to know they aren't alone or that someone out there might share their brain! Crazy!

A few weeks ago, Lauren posted about a cool project where she distroyed a disposable camera to see what kind of affect the photos would get. Lesson learned... the photos were pretty rad.

Here's a taste:


So, I immediately was drawn to this idea of destroying something as simple as a disposable camera (I mean.. less than $4. Come on!), and getting such beautiful results!

So this is why the two pack is great. I'm going to use one FOR REAL in San Francisco to see what kind of photos I get. It's been SO long since I have been without my dslr, I'm pretty spoiled. I'm no pro, but to think of where I was before my dslr came along... it's scary. The other camera will be added to throughout the days. I already have plans of coloring the flash and lense yellow/orange (whichever Sharpie I can find first) and adding some clear plastic wrap around it so the lense isn't clear. Maybe I'll go crazy like Lauren, but I definitely want to make it my own! This will be a fun experiement.

And on that note... here is a picture of me where I have no neck. lol

All Donna's readers/followers/friends can claim 15% off their entire purchase now-Sunday by using the discount code 'Summer15'.


Because I am SO ready for summer! Yes indeed :)

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  1. Oh I love this! I will have to try this out! :) :) :)