May 16, 2011

A few photos from my phone

I have been really bad about taking my dslr out and about recently. I think that I have been carrying so much yarn and so many books with me wherever I go, one more heavy thing just isn't on my priority list. That will allllllllll change once summer rolls around (hopefully).

Here's a look at life from my cell phone:

Breakfast outside on Saturday morning.

While thrifting, I saw this sign yesterday (which was also Saturday May 14th).

I am developing an obsession with all things brass and chandelier crystals.

 Greek Festival!

Mother's Day dinner at the German restaurant, Speisekarte

Sloane wearing my blinged aviators... it's blurry because she was about (this close) to take them off.

My spring/summer wallet above the heap of white... that also seems to be a new obsession.

my FAVORITE. yum. Made in Maryland and sold at Sephora! Perfect!

Me wearing my aviators and rosebud salve!

My friend's chucks that happen to be Oriole themed :)

Oriole Park @ Camden Yards!

Good night!

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