April 27, 2011

My not so good, very bad day...

It has been in the mid-80s all this week and incredibly humid. While I am enjoying the heat, I'm not enjoying my un-airconditioned home at night while I'm trying to sleep. So, sadly, the last night that I got a full night of sleep was actually last Friday when it was a bit rainy. Needless to say, it's catching up to me and I am t.i.r.e.d.

After a wildly hot night last night, sleeping off and on for minutes at a time, and then having to clean up a huge mess my cats made at 3am, I wasn't very thrilled for find a very dangerous combination this morning.

No Breakfast food + Huge dent in my car.


I had heard a huge thud in the wee early hours, but thought it was just the cat knocking something over, no biggie. Oh no. Someone was inclined to pick up their right foot and KICK the right back quarter panel of my car so badly that you can actually see the shape of their food in my car!

After a few phone calls, there was clearly nothing I could do at the time since I was on my way to work, so I decided to put it off until later. A random assortment of other irritating odds and ends appeared throughout the day, but I'll leave them to myself.

So, to turn this frown upside down, I decided to go through my cell phone pictures to see all the happy things I have captured in the last few weeks and share them with you!

Our Greek dinner last night...

The new granny pillow I finished up to sell at my show this weekend!

Crocheting outside = my fav.

My current read:

Pretty Easter church front before service!

Squirt, my Mom's cat we had to put down over spring break :(

Ruffle necklaces!

Crocheting in Starbucks on a rainy day...

What lunch is like for Cory and I... we love to split meals :)

Pretty Carroll Creek in Frederick

My hair salon is YARN BOMBED!

 Mmmmmhmmmm iced caramel latte ;)

New DFW book

The cover remake in Strand in NYC

I love this photo. Darren & Audie in NYC

Strand bookstore in NYC

Harold Square, NYC

My fav. ring


More sushi, please?

Coolest thing I've seen in MD... ZOOmobile!

Cory, when he had hair, with Flip (who loves him very...VERY much)
(ignore the clutter in the corner... we've cleaned... I swear)

New Anthro dress? maybe?

New spring/summer beret

I'm gonna go and finish up some crocheting for this weekend! woo!



  1. I still can not believe this. People are insane!

    But looks like you've had a fun little time before that :)

  2. Great pictures! My husband and I always split meals, haha.