April 13, 2011

Films that are catching my eye...

Is it just me or do good films come out in spurts? For example, I get crazy obsessed with going to see new movies and films about once a year, when I feel like quality films are in abundance. It's typically in May or in September. I don't know why or how it always works out that way, but it does.

When Cory and I first started dating in May of 2008, he introduced me to the most incredible independent movie theatre in Charles Village in Baltimore: The Charles. It is part tapas restaurant, part movie theatre. They have an incredible selection all year round, and I have seen some of my favorite films in that charming theatre.

Some of my favorites that I have seen at the Charles are:
(I just realized these movie ads are covered in red... coincidence?)

In fact, "Young @ Heart" was the first film I ever saw at the Charles, probably on our fourth or fifth date.

Anywho, there are a mess of films coming out that I am beyond excited about.

They are:

Have you seen a ny films or movies that you're drooling over?
Please leave suggestions in the comments!

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