March 1, 2011

Pick one!

As National Craft and Crochet Month commense, I want to challenge you.

Do something new this month. Think of all those pretty items you see on Etsy, in thrift shops, in your best friend's home. I bet, if you spent a little bit of time doing some research and practicing, you could make one, too! It just takes the first step, and picking something.

So think about all those crafts out there that you were always a little envious that someone else knew how to do. Write it down. Go to Youtube. See what "How To..." videos are available. No luck? Post a comment here mentioning the crafr you're interested in learning more about and your email address and I will personally send you as much information as I can! We can also help out one another! What useful information do you have to share?

Come on... it's a great time to start something new, go back to a skill we use to know and really dig our heels into it!

All you have to do is choose!



  1. I reallllly want to learn how to paint WELL. Anyone can throw paint on a piece of paper or a canvas, but I want to make paintings that matter.

  2. What a great idea! I'm going to start learning how to draw but the classes won't be til next month.