March 27, 2011

1960/70s Crush

Good morning!

I have a pretty standard Sunday routine:
coffee, breakfast, Meet the Press on NBC, errands/house cleaning, crocheting, dinner, movie, crocheting, bed.

I decided to watch a movie after Meet the Press this morning: All the President's Men. It should be noted that this movie, from 1974, is an adaptation of a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein written about President Nixon's Watergate scandal. Long story short---I have been ridiculously obsessed with this movie since college. I love that it's filmed in the 70s, takes place in Washignton, D.C., centers around young, fierce journalists, and most importantly, features Robert Redford.

I just can't get enough of this guy. So today's post is a shout out to you, Mr. Redford, for being my biggest 1960/70s crush. Enjoy!

Happy Sunday



  1. Hi, Liz!
    I'm Bridget, the chick that was drooling all over the Pink Lace Necklace at the Liberty High Craft Fair yesterday! (And who also sent her mom over there to buy it...) It was great to meet you, and I am now a very happy follower of your blog:)

    Do you do custom orders by any chance? I took a look at your Etsy and saw something I really love, but not in the color I'm looking for.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!:)


  2. Hey Bridget! So nice for you to stop by! It was great meeting you (and your mother) yesterday! I hope you had a good time. Will you be back at the fall show?

    I can definitely do custom orders! If you go to the etsy page, on the left toolbar there is a button for "Request Custom..." click that and give me the details. You can also email me at and we can go from there!

    Have a great week :)