February 18, 2011

This weekend...

What I'm up to this weekend (just incase things are a little quiet around here...)



A lot (to infinity!) of crocheting for next weekend's Indie Artist Celebration (see sidebar calendar -->).


Uploading tons of photos on to my laptop, and I am nearly 99% positive that Flip will position himself like this throughout the entire process.


Lots of coffee and sweet drinks to keep me awake!


Tagging and taking inventory of all my stock for the show and for a fundraiser I'm participating in up in NYC in March (more info on that later...)


Hopefully going for a few walks to people watch and snap a few pretty pictures.


What are you up to this weekend?



  1. I'm spending the weekend and a few extra days out at my mama's house. I haven't been here in a couple months, and now that I'm far more confident of myself as a person and uncaring of the tiny dramatic issues that inch their way around my family, it's very relaxing and calm. I have no deadlines, no expected date of departure, so I'm just lounging. It's fantastic.

    Hopefully I'll get some crocheting done though! I've been neglecting my hooks.

  2. I'm not sure yet what the weekend holds. The weather is stormy so it's enticing to stay inside with a fire, coffee, crochet and some reading. However, there's a pilates machine orientation class tomorrow I want to take and there's a monthly poetry / lit reading I always love that's tonight so maybe I'll venture out after all. I need to finish the cowl I'm working on to wear into the blustery weather!