February 15, 2011

Spring is in the air?

Winter has been in Maryland since November and this week, while we would normally be experiencing heavy snowfall, we are destined to reach into the 60s! This news is marvelous as I am such a warm-weather person.  I love season change. I find it inspiring, refreshing, and puts a little bounce into my step. I love to observe the process of nature switching gears and taking on a new life and renewed sense of reality.

I find myself sitting in the windows and soaking in the sun in efforts to day dream about brighter, warmer days. Seeing as how it is still winter, though, we still get our fair share of overcast days in Maryland, so I thought I would share some photos filled with sunshine and grace while I await spring to come full force! As I scroll through these beautiful photos, I do often wonder if they are real scenes. Some of them are too magical for me to admit they are real!








P.S. I should probably come clean and say the following:

Yes, I am a warm-weather person, but I am secretly wishing for a huge blizzard before the end of winter. I really like how calm the world is when it snows! So, here's to an early spring...but not until it snows one more time!

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