February 3, 2011

Get Connected!

This month is bringing a major blog makeover to Donna's Decembers with the help of a very talented gal. Once we're ready with our fresh look, you'll have available links to all the ways you can connect with us in a pretty little toolbar. Until then, I'm gonna kick it oldschool.

Did you know that Donna's Decembers is on Facebook? mmhmmmmmmm. Follow us!

If you're not into Facebook, but you're into love, you can also follow us on Blog Lovin'. That's right. Spread the love!

And if you're into more instant gratification, you can also watch us tweet on Twitter :)

See... we can be bffs in just a matter of minutes :)

Anywho... it's Thursday and for that I am incredibly thankful. I have a whole load of errands to run after work (including a HUGE inventory drop off at The Muse for 1st Saturday). Don't forget it's your last weekend to sign up for my statement scarf crochet class! You can call or stop in to The Muse to sign up!

Statement Scarf



  1. I know this has nothing to do with the post...but that shirt and crocheted flower are super cute!

  2. Aw, thanks Brittany! If you're in the Maryland area, the class I'm teaching on February 13th is how to make the statement scarf w/flower! If not, starting this weekend I will have them available in my shop!

    Thanks for stopping by!