February 6, 2011

Crochet Inspiration: Valentine's Edition

Happy Sunday to you! I thought I would make today extra special, especially if you're sitting infront of your computer trying to avoid the football craziness that is going on today.

This weekend has been pretty chilly in Maryland. Random sightings of freezing rain and sleet prompt me to stay indoors and spend my time crocheting. So that's exactly what I have been doing.

Today's inspiration stems from Valentine's Day and needing a few sweet gifts for those in my life who I want to make a little something special for.

(P.S. Some of these patterns require Ravelry access... but no big deal, it's free to sign up!)

I plan on writing a few personal notes and using these to present them:

Image of Valentine Envelopes

What about this adorable sleeper mask?

Or you could really give your heart away after making these adorable cuties:

What are you stitching for Valentine's Day?

1 comment:

  1. Very cute Valentine's Day items! I was going to make some crochet fortune cookies with love messages in them but I decided to save that project for something later in the year so I'm not doing any Valentine's crochet this year.